Cannabis club Sticky Born in Barcelona

If you’re going to visit Barcelona and wish to find out more about the cannabis culture of Spain, then it’s the right place to be. In this article, you’ll get insights about marihuana in Barcelona and Sticky Born BCN.

Marihuana in Barcelona: legal aspect to know

First and foremost, you must know the laws of Spain about weed and its products to avoid any troubles and problems. Herewith, before we go to the Sticky Born club review, let’s get some crucial aspects to be aware of.

When it comes to the legality of marihuana, here are the main things you are to bear in mind:



  • Selling or buying marijuana, hashish, and any other weed products;
  • Storing marijuana;
  • Consumption of marijuana in public places.
  • Membership in a cannabis club (don’t mix up with a coffee shop or weed cafes) and usage of cannabis within its walls;
  • Cultivation of two plants and consumption of cannabis in the private space so that no one else sees it.

So, if you want to try some cannabis, then you need to become a member of any social club Barcelona. Avoid buying some cannabis products on the streets even if you’re offered it – it’s illegal and dangerous for your wealth and health.

It’s strongly recommended to learn the cannabis laws beforehand. Knowing all the dos and don'ts will help you to stay on the safe side when visiting the city.

Coffee shops in Barcelona: tips and rules to mind

Cannabis clubs in Barcelona are a legal way to consume high-quality weed legally and safely. However, you can't just knock on the doors of such a social club and enter it. Yes, there are some rules to follow and tricks to know.

What is a Cannabis Club?

Let’s first define what a cannabis club is. It’s a members-only private non-profit organization, where you are allowed to consume a limited amount of cannabis products that are provided to the members on the premises. Hence, it’s a social club to visit, hang on with friends, and, certainly, enjoy marijuana legally.

How to Become a member?

Being closed institutions, cannabis clubs in Barcelona have some entry requirements to meet so that you can actually visit it and take all the advantages awarded. Some very basic requirements make such clubs operate legally in Spain. Hence, every newbie needs to have the following 4 things:
  1. Be older than 18 years old or even 21+;
  2. Demonstrate a government-issued photo identification, whether it’s your valid ID card, driver’s license, passport, etc.;
  3. Provide a Spanish address (it’s allowed to give a hotel or temporary accommodation address for the most part);
  4. Have a referral from another member of the same club or sponsor.

Sticky Born Club Cannabis Review

Sticky Born is one of the most reliable, respected, and popular cannabis clubs in Barcelona. This well-known cannabis club stands out as the most friendly and well-established social club in Barcelona. Being located in the trendiest and most relaxed part of the city El Born in the Ciutat Vella. The club is a few minutes walk from Parc de la Ciutadella. There are a lot of trendy bars, cafes, restaurants to visit in the vicinity of the Sticky Born. Being this close to Parc de la Ciutadella also means Barceloneta beach is also close to the club. Actually, the beach is around a 5-minute walk. One more strong feature of the club is that it’s only a short distance away from Barceloneta station so that you can use the Metro to get to Sticky Born. Apart from its perfect location, Sticky Born is famous for its wide range of high-quality marijuana strains on offer. It’s considered to be one of the top weed cafes in this part of town for its wide selection of cannabis products and their quality. That’s a very popular BCN cannabis club with both tourists and locals. So, if you’re looking for a reliable weed cafe in Barcelona with easy access to the beach, then this is one that is worth your attention and visit. It’s the perfect spot to get high legally, play pool, hang out and chill out with like-minded people, and enjoy the great atmosphere along with reggae-influenced music.

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