Cannabis Consumption

Different Ways to Consume Cannabis

Nowadays, there are countless ways to consume cannabis from so common smoking and dabbing to vaping, eating, and even drinking! Thanks to the legalization of cannabis in Spain and Barcelona, not only citizens but visitors and tourists can try a number of methods to consume weed for feeling the effects. Thus, if you’re a newbie or just have experienced 1-2 ways delivery methods, this article is a must-read. Here we’ll describe the most efficient ways to consume cannabis.

5 Common Ways to Consume Weed

Below we outlined the 5 most common and popular delivery methods with all the pros and cons described. Check all of them to find the perfect way to consume weed in the best cannabis clubs in Barcelona.

#1 Smoking


  • Suits for beginners;
  • Easy to get;
  • A cost-effective way;
  • Easy to measure and control the dose;
  • Fast-acting.


  • Strong smell;
  • Undesired health effects;
  • Burns the throat;
  • Harsh on the lungs.

You’re free to choose among different ways to smoke cannabis including such common delivery methods as a smoking weed with joints, blunt, and spliff. Though there are much more ways for smoking weed, these ones remain at the top.

Here are the key issues about the most popular ways of smoking:

  • A joint (a hand-rolled “cigarette” with milled weed) is a standard and common way of intaking weed over the world. Not only it’s the easy but pretty cheap delivery method. All you need is to have rolling paper, marijuana flowers, and a grinder (optionally).
  • A blunt (a hollowed-out “cigar” with milled cannabis) is another way to smoke marijuana. Because cigar papers are made of tobacco leaves, blunt offers quite another flavor and contains both nicotine and cannabis.
  • A spliff is (almost) a joint but it’s filled with both tobacco and cannabis. Thanks to that it offers a different flavor.

Quick tips for first-time smokers:

  • Choose a safe place for smoking (it’s better to stay at home or go to a cannabis club with a good reputation) to avoid any paranoia.
  • Don’t start with any weed concentrates/oils/extracts, they are much stronger than marijuana flowers.
  • Get ready not to get high even if you smoke properly.
  • Prepare enough water and food you love. 
  • Start with a small dose;
  • Stop when starting coughing or having a sore throat.

#2 Dabbing: Hand Pipes and Bongs


  • Fast-acting;
  • A low dose is enough.


  • For experienced consumers only;
  • Easy to overdose;
  • Butane is required so that it’s a highly used explosive and risky method.

Using hand pipes and bongs is a way to smoke weed without papers. In this sense, pipes are one of the easiest ways to smoke weed, because the device is:

  • Small;
  • Portable;
  • Compact.

What’s more, not only they can be made of different materials but come in different shapes, styles, sizes, formats both for decoration and functionality.

When it comes to bongs, this device is much more complicated, but it brings quite different effects and feelings. They come in various shapes too but all of them work through a water-filled base. Commonly, bongs have 3 key parts:

  • a tube;
  • a bowl;
  • a downstem.

#3 Vaping


  • Easy dosing;
  • Suits for beginners;
  • Easy to use;
  • Fast-acting;
  • A little smell;
  • Lowered health risk;
  • Discreet and convenient.


  • Special equipment is needed;
  • Expensive;
  • Some vaping devices are not portable;
  • Technology learning curve.

If you are looking for a healthier way to smoke cannabis, then vaping is the perfect delivery method for you. Vaping weed, you won’t cough because vaporizers allow smoking cannabis without combustion. Thus, they don’t burn the marijuana but heat it. The temperature can be adjusted according to the desired effects to get. What’s more, not only weed flowers but concentrates, oils, and other cannabis products can be vaped.

#4 Weed Edibles


  • Simplicity;
  • Discreet;
  • Reduced health harm;
  • Long-lasting effect.


  • Slow set in time (can take several hours);
  • Overdose can take place because it’s hard to measure the right dosage.

If you want to experience quite a different high, then edibles (cannabis-infused food/drink) are what you need to try for sure. In this case, the cannabinoids known as THC are absorbed not through the bloodstream but the digestive system. You can get even-more-psychoactive THC because of the metabolization.

#5 Topicals


  • Doesn’t get you high (no psychoactive effects);
  • Localized effect only;
  • No overdose possible.
  • Doesn’t get you high (no psychoactive effects);
  • Set in time is individual;
  • Short-term effects.

Being totally NOT psychoactive, topicals are CBD products that are used to get localized relief and ease different kinds of pain, swelling, headache, soreness, muscle aches, and many more. So, using a cannabis-infused spray, balm, cream, lotion, etc., don’t expect to get high. You can purchase ready topicals or make them by yourself by adding the full CBD cannabis extract to any cream/lotion/balm/etc.

Different Delivery Methods: Takeaways

Now you’re aware of the most common ways to consume cannabis. Not only the strain and quality of weed but a delivery method is important for an enjoyable time to get. As you see, each consumption way offers its own traits, range of effects, and downsides to meet. So, when it comes to weed consumption at any cannabis club in Barcelona, make your choice depending on what effect and feel you want to get.